Almond Shaped Marbled Nails With Russian Manicure and Metallic Lines

Russian Manicures

Have your nails Instagram worthy with this service that provides flawless cuticle work and long lasting enhancements.

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Short Square White Structured Gel Manicure with Gold Flakes Accent Nails

Rubber Based Manicure

Add strength and durability to your natural nails with our Structured Gel Manicure Service

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Interior of Tiflisi Spa in Hatboro Pennsylvania

Who Are We?

We are a team of Nail professionals who specializes in Russian Manicures to create flawless nails, Russian Gel pedicures for long lasting footcare, Rubber Based Manicures for healthy nails and Intricate Nail art.

Located in the heart of Hatboro, Pennsylvania we pride ourselves on cleanliness, excellent customer service, high quality products and a welcoming environment for all.

Feel free to call us anytime or book online with ease.

" Painting perfection, one nail at a time" ~ Tiflisi Nail Spa

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Let's Talk Gels

Selection of various gel colors

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is simply a regular manicure that uses a gel polish color instead of a regular polish. Gel polishes are varnishes made from gels and gel pigments that requires an LED lamp to cure.

Gel polishes do not add strength or length to the natural nails.

Can be soaked off with Acetone

Short round structured gel nails in black

Rubber Based Gel

Our Rubber Based Manicure utilizes a rubberized base gel or builder gel to add strength and durability to the natural nail bed. It can be worn plain or a colored gel polish can be used on top.

A rubber based gel adds strength to the nails and can be used to add a little length but is not ideal for extra long lengths.

Can be soaked off with Acetone.

A jar of Hard Gel with flat head brush applicator

Hard Gel

Hard gel is the strongest of all the gel options and usually comes in a pot and requires a flat head brush to apply.

Unlike the other gel options, Hard Gel can be used to add longer lengths and strength like it's cousin "Acrylic".

Hard Gel tends to come in clear or soft shades of pink and can be used with gel polishes for color or nail art.

Unlike it's relatives, Hard Gel can be refilled and when removal is required, must be gently filed off.

Hard Gel does not soak off with Acetone.

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